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4 Peter Hall Arts & Crafts Cotswold School English Oak & Leather 'Oxford' Chairs

£ 1,190.00


Four Arts & Crafts Cotswold School quarter-sawn English oak and leather Oxford Chairs by Peter Hall of Staveley, with mortise and tenon joints pegged with handmade oak dowels, chamfered edges, curved stretcher and leather covered drop in seat and back pads. The retail price of each chair from Peter Hall is £1600 (in cloth, without the leather upgrade). One chair is very slightly larger

About Peter Hall

Peter Hall—Peter Hall & Son of Staveley is a leading contemporary hand made arts and crafts furniture maker, founded in 1972, following in the tradition of Arthur W. Simpson of Kendal and Stanley Webb Davies of Windermere. Known for its distinctive designs in locally grown air dried oak, materials, workmanship and design are always of exceptional quality. Pieces rarely come up for resale


Signature carved PH 'crosslet' monogram on the back of each chair


Very beautifully designed and made chairs using top quality materials, made by one of the leading contemporary Arts & Crafts makers, during Peter Hall's time running the company. One chair is very slightly larger


c 1990


English Oak—English oak has been used for hundreds of years to construct everything from sea-going vessels to fine furniture. Although oak grows widely across Europe and North America, craftsmen continue to cherish English oak which grows more slowly than its foreign counterparts giving it strength, durability. Quarter sawn boards with medullary rays running parallel to the direction of the cut exhibit highly decorative figuring as a result result of the rays being sliced longitudinally. Quarter sawn boards are also renowned for their extra stability and strength


Approximate dimensions are: overall height 100 cm (3 feet 3 and a quarter inches), overall width 50 cm (1 foot 7 and three quarters inches), overall depth 50 cm (1 foot 7 and three quarters inches) and overall height of largest chair 105 cm (3 feet 5 and a quarter inches). If you need a very exact dimension, or one we haven't included, feel free to contact us and we will measure it for you


Excellent condition and a rich deep colour. A few minor scuffs and dints, minor scuffing of a few seat pads, all commensurate with their age If you wish to have further specific photographs or talk to us for a more detailed condition report then please do not hesitate to ring, message or email